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Why Hire Us?

Why Choose Us?


Your choices for Wedding Photography and Videography are overwhelming.  The horror stories about hiring the wrong Photographer or Videographer are real.  We get Brides in our Studio all the time who come in with sub-par Photos from other Photographers asking us to help them. Once the Wedding Day passes, the images are almost never fixable, so it is imperative to choose a quality Photographer like our Company to be with you on your Wedding Day!


The Don'ts . . .

* Don't hire anyone who does not have a place of business . . .

* Don't hire anyone who does not have Liability Insurance . . .

* Don't hire anyone who does not return your calls or emails . . .

*Don't hire anyone who is new at this business (less than 3 years), the results will show in your images.


Top Ten Reasons to Choose our services:


1)  We create Beautiful Images with an artistic flair and a professional approach.

2)  We are one of the very few Photographers with a Full Service Studio. This Studio gives us a face in the Community and offers you peace of mind that we will be in business when your Wedding Day arrives!


3) We continually win awards from the Wedding Community, and have been given the Bride's Choice Award for 5 years in a row. This places us in the top 10% of Photographers nationwide!


4) We are a Husband/Wife team. We know the process of planning a Wedding and our Friendly style of Photography is Second to none.


5)  We are Full Time Professionals. We do not answer to another Boss during the week, leaving your Wedding as secondary! Our full time commitment is to making your Wedding Day the Dream it should be!


6) We are fully licensed and insured with coverage that exceeds all Florida Venues.


7) We carry nothing but he finest Photography equipment and have the knowledge to use them effectively. Don't wait for your Wedding Day to find out that the person you hired is not very capable, Hire us and let our extensive training take the worry off your hands and your images will bring you many compliments! We carry ample back up equipment just in case of failure to first use equipment. Plus we buy new equipment yearly so that your Wedding is taken with State of the Art equipment!


8) A free engagement session is included with most of our packages! We also have On location sessions with some of our packages. Images from the session are always available to you. Some include them, some are by extra purchase.


9) We are in our 15th year of providing only the finest Wedding Services! Our website is over 12 years old, this compares to nobody in the industry! We were and remain the innovator in the Wedding Photography Field. We were the first Photographer to give Rights to the Images . . . You can process prints yourself and do not have to pay those high Photographers prices.


10) We are valuable members of the National Association of Wedding Professionals among other groups. We pride ourselves in Friendly Customer Service and Professional results in our Images and Video Designs. Please contact us so that we can show you the differences in our services compared to the "wanna bes" out there . . . . There are a lot more than 10 reasons not to use a part timer with less than 1-2 years experience . . . . We remain this areas first choice for Photography, and we look forward to being with you and your Family on the Wedding Day!